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The Schwartz Bundle (Combo Pack) - Club Vapor USA

The Schwartz Bundle (Combo Pack)

$ 31.99

The Schwartz Bundle (Combo Pack)

Comb the Desert: Comb the Desert by The Schwartz is a creamy peanut butter yogurt ejuice mixed with delightful hazelnuts.

Ludicrous Speed: Ludicrous Speed by The Schwartz does it once more! Ludicrous Speed E Liquid is the most recent passage from the experts of the Yogurt vape. Heavenly Yogurt covered in sweet normal nectar makes this a throughout the day vape as well as effectively the greatest expansion to your gathering.

The Downside: The Downside by The Schwartz, a smooth creamy yogurt ejuice infused with tasty strawberries.

The Upside: The Upside by The Schwartz, a faithful recreation of Greek yogurt topped off with fresh blueberries.

**With this purchase, you will receive a 15mL of each flavor: Comb the Desert, Ludicrous Speed, The Downside, and The Upside**

Vendor: The Schwartz
Bottle Size: 60mL


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