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MOO E Liquid Bundle (Combo Pack) | Moo E Juice - Club Vapor USA

MOO E Liquid Bundle (Combo Pack)

$ 41.99

MOO E Liquid Bundle (Combo Pack)

Club Vapor:

Banana Milk: This flavor is an expert mix of ready bananas and sweet drain so great that you will wind up letting out "moo" commotions and fixating on bovines! Banana Milk is an exceptionally smooth kind of smooth cream with simply the appropriate measure of ready banana to hold you returning for additional! The banana notes adjust the flavor well, and makes the vape have an aftertaste like a banana milkshake.

Strawberry Milk: Strawberry Milk is a smooth, rich, velvety taste of your crisp milk with a delicate non-abrasiveness of strawberry that is both intense but then supple with each breathe in and breathe out. Delectable and out and out wanton, MOO Eliquids will have your mouth watering in suspicion for additional.

Vanilla Almond Milk: Its a well known fact that there are numerous flavors out in the e-juice world that emphasis on rich and smooth flavors. The breathe in is light and not overwhelming. On the breathe in, the light notes of vanilla are unpretentious, the breathe out is rich and velvety, with light notes of almond that ties the flavor together. The slight nutty kind of the almond on the breathe out makes for a full bodied flavor that is tasty all through the whole vape!

**With this purchase, you will receive a 30mL of each flavor: Banana Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Vanilla Almond Milk**

Vendor: MOO eLiquids
Bottle Size: 90mL

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