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PRMYUM E Liquids

PrmYum E Liquids was launched Fall of 2015 in sunny Southern California. After almost half a year of mixing, tasting, and perfecting the flavors, PrmYum E Liquids launched in March of 2016 with two flagship flavors: Creme of the Crop and Strawberry Melt. After a huge popularity growth and huge success, PrmYum E Liquids launched a series of high demand flavors such as their Watermelon Melt and Blueberry Melt in July 2016. Each flavor is a creamy and savory taste with different hints of fruits, or in the case of Creme of the Crop, tobacco flavoring. All of the flavors are absolutely delicious and are sure to become some of your favorite vapes. 

The PrmYum E Liquids flavors include:

Strawberry Melt, Watermelon Melt, Blueberry Melt, and Creme of the Crop.

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