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Naked 100 E Liquids

Manufactured by Schwartz E-Liquids, Naked 100 E-Liquids is brought to you from beautiful southern California! This amazing line of juices has continuously hit the market with powerful and popular flavors. Their success has taken the vape industry by storm with their carefully crafted blends of fruits, creams and menthol twists! They first came out with their original four flavors, which are still number one sellers everywhere: Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, Amazing Mango and Green Blast. Each and every one of these juices is a refreshing fruit blend including fruits like pineapple, strawberry, apples, kiwis, passion fruit, and more! They soon launched their Fusion line, which included sweet treat flavors like gummy sweets, fruity treats and even a flawless bubble gum taste! They also created perfect creamy flavors that blend fruits like banana, blueberries, strawberries, and more, with creamy vanilla! If that wasn't enough, they also catered to the menthol lovers, and launched their chilled juices! Naked 100 E-Liquids took into consideration the vast variety of flavor profiles that their customers would want, and tapped into each and every need of the consumer. They have sweet flavors, fruits, creams, and even a tobacco line. This brand has gone over and above with their craft and continues to show its success, as they are found in every vape store around! You won't want to miss out on this amazing line of E-Liquids!

Make sure to check out their sweet treat line, Naked 100 Fusion, and their tobacco line, Naked 100 Tobacco!

Some Favorites:

Hawaiian Pog - A perfect blend of passion fruit, guava, and oranges.

Lava Flow - A flavor profile that fuses sweet and rich strawberries with refreshing coconut and the sugary tang of pineapple!

Maui Sun - An amazing blend of tropical fruits including fresh pineapple, orange, and tangerines!

Brain Freeze - A delicious mixture of strawberries and fresh kiwi! It also introduces ripe pomegranate with a cool menthol feel!

Polar Breeze - A tropical fruit blend of sweet golden pineapples, smooth honeydew melons, juicy cantaloupe and finished with a hint of cool.

Go Nanas - An amazing banana and cream flavor that is sure to satisfy!

Naked Unicorn - A delicious strawberry vape that is perfectly mixed with creamy flavors to become one of your favorite savory juices.

Peachy Peach - A sweet and fruity blend of peaches, apricots, and mangoes!

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