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Cuttwood Reimagined Series

Cuttwood has just released a brand new line of E Juice, the Reimagined Series. The Sauce Boss sprung this one on us by surprise shortly after the release of their first tobacco flavored E Liquid Tobacco Trail, which was also the final flavor to be released in their Gold Series line of E Liquid, the Reimagined Series dropped with three brand new flavors. The Reimagined Series currently consists of Livid Lime, Manic Mint and Outrage Orange. Each of the flavors is intended to represent Cuttwood’s reimagined vision of how either orange, mint or lime were meant to taste. Rather than blending together contrasting flavors, the Reimagined Series line takes traditional flavors and enhances them with accentuated notes attributed to them, that builds up over the course of the vape. This new approach has turned out exceptionally well, as Cuttwood once again successfully attempts to raise the standards we should expect out of a premium grade line of E Juice

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