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When Vaping Gets Real Hot N Spicy

Club Vapor USA E-Liquid vape Vape Girls vaping

The First Thing I Do Is Vaping This Flavor Makes Me Dream Have Some A Nice Vape Before The Night

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E-Liquid - Where Do You Come From?

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Hi, I'm E-Liquid & Here's My Story It all started with my two creators Hon Lik and Herbert Gilbert. Hon Lik I am sure you already know who that is right? He is the creator of E-Cigs who was born 1951 and is a chinese pharmacist. He was a little genius creating a ginseng plant with aphrodisiac qualities. In the same time he worked on ultrasound vaporization. But to create a smoke equal to cigarettes he combined the processes with resistance heating. 2003 Hon Lik patented his first device in china. 2007 when the recession hit the market Hon was...

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Special Deal: All E-Liquids 20% Off

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All E-Liquids now 20% Off All you need to do is Use the Coupon Code: 20off  

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