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Some Tips For The Vaping Drippers

Club Vapor USA dripping vape vaping

Dripping Is Art - Flavor Is Dripping First Steps Open your atomizer. You’ll see the atomizer coils inside and there will usually be a piece of steel mesh (known as a bridge, commonly shaped like an inverted “V”) on top of them. Attach a drip tip to the mouthpiece of your unit (stay patient, we will be getting to these momentarily). Drip 3-4 drops of e-liquid onto the coils if they’re accessible, or onto the bridge if they’re not. Activate the vaporizer and inhale. Marvel at the throat hit, and the purity and flavor of the vapor. Tips & Hints...

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E-Liquid - Where Do You Come From?

Club Vapor USA e E-Liquid vape vaping

Hi, I'm E-Liquid & Here's My Story It all started with my two creators Hon Lik and Herbert Gilbert. Hon Lik I am sure you already know who that is right? He is the creator of E-Cigs who was born 1951 and is a chinese pharmacist. He was a little genius creating a ginseng plant with aphrodisiac qualities. In the same time he worked on ultrasound vaporization. But to create a smoke equal to cigarettes he combined the processes with resistance heating. 2003 Hon Lik patented his first device in china. 2007 when the recession hit the market Hon was...

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Vape With Me To The Moon & Back

Box Mod Club Vapor USA vape Vape Poem vaping

So pretty in pink, hello No longer dressed in yellow Super heroV2, with flying cape To the rescue with the vape Stains can go to hail Oh, how i love my new pink fingernail by Daisylee

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Dripping vs. Tanks | Huge Clouds & Great Flavor or Convenience Smoking?

Club Vapor USA dripping tank vape vaping

Dripping is an altogether different type of experience. You have to build your own coils for the atomizer, wick it yourself, and make sure that it’s affixed to a battery that is able to fire the atomizer at the given oHms that your coil is built to. Different styles of coil yield different types of vapor, in both taste and vapor production. Different wicking materials can also have an impact on your flavor and vapor experience. There is no truly “best way” to build a dripping atomizer. As with many aspects of vaping, it mostly comes down to personal preference....

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Special Deal: All E-Liquids 20% Off

Club Vapor USA Deal E-Liquid Vape Vaping

All E-Liquids now 20% Off All you need to do is Use the Coupon Code: 20off  

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